Avoiding Wasted Motion

It’s all about getting things done. Not the in the David Allen GTD® time management methodology sense, particularly – just the plain old “I’d like to finish this so I can move on to something else” way.

So, what important lessons have I learned over the years? (Quick: get out your bingo cards and see how many of these you can stamp with a “well, duh”.)

  • Switching between a keyboard and a mouse or trackpad is much slower than staying with the keyboard.
  • Typing fewer characters is faster than typing more characters.
  • Automation done right increases speed and repeatability and can reduce mistakes.
  • Re-configuring a laptop every time you switch environments wastes time.
  • You shouldn’t have to hunt for important information.

If you think I’m going to check a couple of those items off with a keyboard macro tool of some kind, you’re right, but that’s only one of my secret weapons. You’ll find other posts about recommended tricks and tools that reference “Avoiding Wasted Motion”.