Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro is a keyboard macro application on steroids. Like other keyboard macro apps, it allows you to define abbreviations that get automatically expanded as you type them. Also like many others, you can set rules for which which applications those macros should work in.

Where Keyboard Maestro stands out, though, is the ability to trigger super-sophisticated actions that include switching applications, choosing items from menus, or buttons, and even searching for and clicking on (or dragging) an image.

What does that mean? Well, when I’ve used something like “Jump Desktop” (described below) to remotely control another computer, I can use Keyboard Maestro to script actions on a Windows or Linux box without having to install any software there. It can find controls and click through almost any user interface.

It’s this richness of control that makes this one of my “Secret Weapons”.

$36.00 with a free trial period.

Note: There are several excellent alternatives to Keyboard Maestro.

I’ve used and recommend both TextExpander ( and Typinator ( You might find some of their features more important to you, like automatically detecting and suggesting new shortcuts, or text expansion when you type any whitespace character. Both offer free trials at the time of this post.